East Hill House Herbals springs from our respect for and relationships with each other and all living things. We are proud to provide you with the best herbal products that nature, tradition and we have to offer.

We are cousins who grew up together in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. We played, learned and grew in this natural world - fascinated by nature’s gifts and treasures. Now we live in the hills of Northern California. We've watched our children and grandchildren play, learn and grow in the woods and fields, by the creeks, rivers and ocean. 


Over the years we've spent time studying herbal traditions and using plant remedies for ourselves and our families. We tend organic fruit, vegetable and herb gardens and respectfully harvest local wild plants - gratefully accepting the gifts Mother Earth provides for healing.

As a business and as individuals it is our intention to be responsible to our world, our customers and ourselves.

- Jacqueline and Terry